What James Clear taught me about Action



What James Clear taught me:

There is a difference between motion and action. Motion is preparation for action. Action is what delivers the result you are looking for. I find this distinction very important because it’s the bane of smart people. You should understand by now why plans remain mere good intentions, why goals remain goals.

Your motion is the high you get after the goal setting. Beyond lofty goals, there is a need for action plan (how to, when to, why to, where to). It is only when your action plans translate into action-doings that you move into the realm of results. By the way, nobody becomes great by what they intend to do.

This is the point, develop a bias for action. Don’t wait for perfect conditions to get things done. Don’t let what you can’t do hinder what you can do. A greater portion of success is showing up. Starting, no matter how little puts you on the side of the angels.

1. Write the first sentence of that memo or report now.
2. Call that client or customer now.
3. Pick up your pen and write your to-do list in case you haven’t done it. Determine your top three priorities and begin action right away.

Always, remember that success is in the daily agenda. It’s never too late to start becoming all you can be or doing all you can do.


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