To Achieve Your Goals in the New Year, Execute Around Your Priorities


Welcome to a great new week!

For most of us, this just might be the day the year starts. What i mean is that execution of the fantastic plans for the new year starts today. I believe you have identified and written your goals. Remember, it is not yet  a goal until it is written, clear and specific.

One productivity tip i want to remind you about is execution around priorities. I realize there is really no time to do all we have to do. But we can be conscious of our priorities, do them and safely procrastinate the rest.

Understand that all actions don’t have the same rewards. The law of trade-offs must be applied here. You must evaluate and determine the things that matter most and discipline yourself to spend most of your time doing them.

It won’t always be easy but practising focus is the beginning of mastery.

As you start work today, resolve to ensure that your actions are intelligent and goal achieving. Always ask yourself if your current actions are moving you towards your goals, towards the person you want to become. If it doesn’t and your internal GPS alerts you, stop, reassess and refocus.

Brian Tracy suggests you always ask -what is the most important use of my time now? Your answer to this question must align with your short and long term goals and must translate into action. Start now.

I’m passionately committed to seeing you be all you can be.

Layi Adeyemi
Peak Performance Coach


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