Do You Know That One Question That Peak Performing Individuals are Always Asking? Find Out



What do i hope to achieve and what will my contribution to the world be at the end of my life?

Yes! This is the ultimate question of peak performing individuals. This is a very bold question to ask and are you concerned? What i mean here is nothing of the kind we were asked as kids by our teachers or friends when we can say something cool so we don’t look stupid or feel embarrassed. This is real deal and it matters to answer it sincerely.

“To thine own self be true” is one Shakespearean line so well-worn but not devoid of meaning. One of its meanings is a candid advice to live our lives in alignment with the truth we know regardless of whether others think, feel or do the contrary.

Another meaning is that your circumstances don’t define who you are and shouldn’t alter the inner conviction you have about your own potential or contribution. Be true to your beliefs about your own greatness.

This is my passionate conviction crystallized in the telephone inventor, Graham Bell’s words, “A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with—a man is what he makes of himself.”

I define achievement as what you get out of life and contribution as what you give back to life. Knowing that your achievements and contribution to life is your responsibility, what will they be? I hope you will answer this question on the foundation of your character, values and principles.

“I want to be a successful businessman with a global business empire” is a fantastic aspiration but to what purpose? The purpose of your achievement defines your contribution. It’s better to say “I want to build a business empire so that i can make profit, create jobs, sponsor students on scholarships, take care of my family, inspire the younger generation towards enterprise development…”

You can go further to say that, “I will build my business on the foundation of integrity, practicing ethical business principles, commitment to maximizing profit for my shareholders, while taking responsibility for the socio-economic development of the community in which I do business.” These are your values or principles.

You can get a feel of what a Personal Mission Statement is from this example. It has a desired achievement, the why or contribution, and the values or principles that will guide the achievement.

Whether it’s in business, family, art, or music, whatever your field of endeavour, I want you to know you have it in you to achieve great things and to make significant contributions to the world.

 Refuse to keep examining your potential or possibilities through the lens of your circumstances.

Say these to yourself:

“I refuse to listen to the voice of my own doubts and fears about my potential.

I choose to believe greatness begins within and not without.

It’s not so much my circumstances that must change but my inner attitude to life, work and personal growth.

I will henceforth live a life of preparation knowing that it will bring me in contact, very soon with my opportunities for achievement and contribution.

I choose to embrace right living knowing that my desires and logic must be subject to truth or principle.

I choose to be thankful for where I am now even with all the struggles and disappointments, because I know they are temporary and working in me a glory that outweighs them all.

I choose to be happy because I know beyond reasonable doubt all things are working together for my good.

I choose to be remembered for the problems I solve in people’s lives not the ones I create.

I’m empowered.

I’m not a victim of circumstances. I’m a conqueror.”



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