If Your Dominant Thoughts Become a Physical Reality Now, Can You Be Happy at What We Will See?


The essence of feeding the mind as mentioned in my last post is to ensure we plant the seeds of thought whose fruition or material equivalent will become the kind of future or reality we desire. Can I ask you again – Are you feeding your mind on mental junk or mental diet?

Do you know the most profound principle of life? A man will become what he thinks about most of the time. Across all religion or philosophy, this is the golden law of the mind.

What else must we do besides feeding the mind to ensure our minds work for us and not against us?

2. Guard it
“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course (outcome or results) of your life” says King Solomon. If you want to know why you must police your mind as if your life depends on it, listen to Sam Adeyemi’s counsel “It is a law, not a suggestion. You are designed to attract the material equivalent of your dominant thoughts.”

Whether it is lingering fear, doubt, lust, anxiety or poor self esteem, they are the products of unguarded thoughts that have gained a foothold. Before they ask for the whole house and ruin your potential, you need to take up arms and fight.

The mind works by the law of exclusivity – you can’t hold a positive and negative thought in your mind at the same time. You can only dwell on one. It also follows the law of substitution – you can choose what to think by replacing a negative thought with a positive one or vice versa.

Don’t allow your thoughts run amok nor allow weeds of negative and self-destructive thoughts grow in your mind. Be a gardener, grab some sickle and do some weeding. Here is a food for thought from James Allen, “By the right choice and true application of thought, man ascends to divine perfection; by the abuse and wrong application of thought, he ascends below the level of the beast.”

So guard your heart jealously. It’s your treasure and most prized possession.

3. Sweat It
Here is a great advice from E. W Kenyon in his amazing little book, Signposts on the Road to Success, “Make your brain work. It will sweat but make it work. It will improve. It will develop until you become a wonder to those around you. ”

The mind is a muscle; it grows stronger with the right exercise and use. Though I find it glib, it can be true that to hide something from a black man, put it in writing. I often wonder why people hate to read, why people feed on materials that don’t challenge them to personal growth.

Sweating the mind won’t go down well with those who strictly enjoy soft sells or fantasy reading. Hey! My advice is SKIP THE TRASH. YOU WON’T GROWWWWW!

In a knowledge-driven 21st century economy, where multiplicity of knowledge rivals ease of obsoleteness, you need a nimble mind to keep up. You must sweat your mind especially if your aim is global relevance. You must be ever willing to learn new things and to reinvent yourself.

I will end with Ben Carson’s advice, “If your intention is to influence those who live in your house, then you only need to know about those things that are important to the people with whom you live. If you want to help shape the nation or the world, you will need still more knowledge and learning about what is significant in national and international scope.”

I’m looking forward to your excellence and global relevance. However, the starting point is to feed your mind, guard your mind and sweat your mind.

Layi Adeyemi


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