Help Her Explore Her Mind Not Her Body!

Man Helping Woman into Her Seat

I often wonder what it costs to treat a woman right. Whatever happened to chivalry and making a woman feel like queen!

Now, I hear a part of me say to me, you are beginning to express the sentiments of a 16th century hopeless romantic. But I’m perfectly in tune with my feelings and with no apologies for them. I just wonder what we could do differently as men.

While I believe in candle lit dinners, expensive dates and gifts, I believe these things don’t mean much to men when they have the means. And they will gladly do if it will earn them the ticket to THAT THING (don’t ask me, figure it out).

What I find a challenge is why men can’t give their most precious gift – their very being? I wonder why men don’t invest their very self to help a woman explore her mind instead of exploring her body?

Why must you take advantage of her only to justify it by the amount you have spent on dates and shopping.

I’m appalled the women have come to settle for less. Their precious bodies are now tools of exchange. Young women no longer look for guys who will help them grow (those types usually come across as boring right?).

Thanks to Mr. Suave and smooth-talking, he gets the ladies’ hearts melting with velvety lyrics, crisp like a smooth salesman.

Sincerely, I’m a firm believer in smooth-talk but only if it is a genuine expression of a man’s heartfelt commitment towards his woman, then I’m all for it.

While my appeal might sound uninteresting to an hedonistic mind, I still want to make a case for why men should help a women grow by helping them explore their intellect and potential.

First, women are seen primarily as eye candies in these libertine age and not as persons with intelligence, talent, purpose and dreams. Nevertheless, the truth is that there is something irresistible about an intelligent woman with great attitude and humility. Why don’t men support the making of such women? Why don’t they help a woman dream? Why won’t they beat a path for her to thread to intellectual and personal growth.

A woman has more purpose to her life than her ability to satisfy a man in bed or make babies. She has potential and a contribution to make to the world.

Guys, my definite challenge to you is to be the man who uncovers a woman’s potential, supports her growth in virtue and helps her cultivate her mind.

Investment in a woman’s capacity is an investment into future generations. Great women produced John and Charles Wesley, Ben Carson etc.

To the nice guys who have been reputed to finish last by trying to go by this road less travelled, it might appear true but you are running a different race.

To the women, step up to the plate and begin to demand these things from us. It’s what you deserve. You are more than the pleasure your body can give a man. Refuse to be treated less. You are a queen. Demand that he shows it by Cultivating you.

Finally, be a woman who is worth the effort. Don’t be a drama queen or a temptress.

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