Valentine Special – A Heartfelt Letter to My Future Wife


Dear wife,

It’s not so much a date or an obligation I’m celebrating, but the deeper meaning and contribution our relationship brings into my life.

I sometimes can’t believe my luck I’m waking up next to you today. It’s always a dream come true. I can feel the chords playing in my heart, “isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful….” What more can I ask for, what a gift you are!

While the world around us has thrown the meaning of true togetherness in the abyss. I wonder how we found ours. I couldn’t have created what we have. I believe it’s providence way of making my life eventful despite the challenges and adventures of being the man that I have chosen to be.

I appreciate you above all things that you accept me and identify with my purpose. I feel strong because you have always believed in me. I often wonder if I’ll be able to do most of the things I do today save for the climate of patient understanding, thoughtful affection, loving encouragement and supportive enthusiasm you create and sustain.

I often think you a better person than I am. I often wonder how you put up with my quirks, my boundless energy and drive. I also credit your ability to lovingly bring me in tune with my true essence.

I like that you challenge me to a better me. With you, I just want to be the best man that I can be. I often struggle but you make it worth the fight. I won’t accept I have given you my best yet even though you say it. There is a lot more you deserve.

Sincerely, I have no felt need for the dishonest spoil that has indelibly stained the moral fabric of most men. You deeply satisfy me my woman. You comfort and encourage me so much that my heart safely trusts you. I’m secure with you. I delight in you. You are a reward for my earthly toil, God’s precious gift to me. All of my wealth pales in comparison to the goodness with which you enrich my life.

I fondly remember you said you were going to be around for the long haul during my days of obscurity. Those days seemed long but you taught me to focus on the rewards and the journey (the man i’m becoming) and not my circumstances.

So much faith you had, to thrust your ALL against the tempest storms of my then unseen realities. Indeed, you confirm to me that believing is seeing. You helped me see that I can walk on my waters and still my storms. Such strong convictions you have about me that I sometimes think you are crazy.

Again, I want to say thank you like I have always done for that dashing young man and beautiful young lady. I won’t forget to mention she is the prettiest thing in the world. Every bit of her strong spirit, kindness and beauty she got from you.

Thank you for being such a model for her. Thank you for being a mum he can look up to. I was glad to hear my prince chat with his friend just recently, how much he wants to be like daddy. I’m sure he will figure out his path clearly when he is much older. If he values my character, then I’m fulfilled.

Darling, I sincerely think marriage is tough. But the binding cord of our creator’s love in our heart has proven stronger even when ours sometimes becomes dry and slack. I’m assured that he who began the good work in us will surely bring it to completion.

Above all, I want to thank you for partnering with God and for being instrumental in the making of a world renowned speaker, author, business consultant, peak performance coach and a leader’s leader. All who I have been a blessing to all over the world should thank GOD first and then YOU.

Happy Valentine’s Day My Queen.

You too can write a letter to your future. It’s nice to let your imagination develop wings once in a while. “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions”, said Albert Einstein. Create your dream life, career or relationship (whether you are in a relationship or not) in your mind and document it.

Write as if everything were perfect, regardless of your current circumstances. You can’t change your current circumstances until you can imagine something better. Writing is the first step in the creation of dreams.

We can have, be or do whatever we permit our minds to imagine. Please don’t settle for less than you deserve. Don’t feel guilty for thinking “I’m more than this” or “I deserve better than this”.

Finally, be courageous and share your dreams with the world, your friends or spouse.

Again, Happy Valentine’s day.

Layi Adeyemi


14 responses to “Valentine Special – A Heartfelt Letter to My Future Wife

  1. Wonderful Piece, I need to write a letter to my future husband, this sounded like twas to me from my future husband. *smiles*. Happy St Valentines’ Day celebration.

  2. Every line engaged me till I finished the whole piece. This is just too real. Full of lessons for the guys and the girls alike who want a great marriage. Boy you have written well. And I know the world will soon stand up for you. I have always believed in what God is doing in you and where He is taking you to. Stay focused and see the world bow. Love you brother.

  3. This is beautiful!!!!nyc write up bro!!!I actually wanted to turn into a plegiarist wen I started reading the first few lines(was thinking I sud copy and paste as a letter to mai gf).bt u used at the latter part we can do d same and show our future wife which am abt to do after pinching the comment button to u…I enjoyed it bro and thank u so much.

  4. U won’t keep dazzling the ink and keyboards with your brain Laiyi…thumps up..the ladder still has enough steps to climb….keep up the fire

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