What You Believe About People Will Become your Truth (A powerful and Soul-lifting Affirmation)


I got the inspiration for these words of affirmation while listening to Olakunle’s Soriyan’s Smooth Life on Smooth 98.1 FM. It’s a daily radio show between 7-7:10am, Monday to Friday that gives me quick shots of inspiration. I suggest you listen to him too.

OK, I wrote this as a statement of the conviction I want to follow regardless of my feelings and to help myself in times of possible poor judgements that i can often be prone to due to my human weaknesses.

I felt I should share it with you.

A Firm Resolve to Believe in People

I affirm that every person has an INTRINSIC WORTH regardless of their current behaviour.

I therefore resolve NOT to be selfish and to believe in people only when they do the things that please me.

I will believe the best of them even when it hurts or they hurt me and its easy to turn my back. Then i will choose to forgive. I will continue to cherish because It just might be me next time, needing them to extend such kindness.

My love will be UNCONDITIONAL, treating people continually to the vision of what they can be and not what they are now.

I will chastise and rebuke when necessary. I will exercise patience with weakness and in the end let my love cover all transgression.

I will learn the attitude of not giving up on people even when they are trying to give up on themselves.

Where necessary, I will defend people in their absence. I will do this because I recognize my human tendency is to dwell on what is wrong in people to the exclusion of their goodness.

I will strive to be selfless even though i recognize my human inclination is to want something for myself. This also means i will not treat relationships as essentially transactional by keeping scores or trying to balance out.

I’ll be courageous to risk vulnerability for that is what trusting and loving people truly entails.

Above all, I will strive to treat myself with the same tenderness, kindness, forgiveness, understanding and love that I seek to give others.

I will do this because I understand that I can’t treat people better than I treat myself.

I will be forgiving of my own weakness, love myself, believe in my own potential, never accept my failures as fatal and STRIVE TO BECOME A BETTER PERSON EVERYDAY.

I will watch my inner dialogue and resolve to talk to myself in a loving manner as I would appreciate a best friend to do for me.

I will constantly say to myself,”I love you so much and passionately believe In you. You have got great potential. You are a bundle of talents. You ‘re a work-in-progress and your best is yet to come. YOU ‘RE GREATNESS IN THE MAKING.”

Out of my strength and inner confidence, I will always say,”I BELIEVE IN YOU MY READER.”

I love You.

Layi Adeyemi
Your Peak Performance Coach

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I’m deeply committed to sharing ideas and strategies that will help you experience personal transformation and productivity.

About Layi Adeyemi
Layi is a consummate speaker, author, trainer and peak performance coach. As a management consultant, he is currently involved in helping various SMEs realize their full potential in the development of their human resources and in achieving business growth.


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