#1: Need a Dream Job or Career Advancement? Then Answer This – Do You Have an Employment Mindset or an Employability Mindset?


The idea that reading or perhaps learning has stopped after our final exams in the university, that we can now hiss good riddance to bad rubbish to those vindictive lecturers, that our minds can now have a long holiday is the devil’s idea. And I mean it. He is the one supervising the spread of this imperceptible illusion and propaganda.

Anyway, I’m just being dramatic, the devil is not to blame in this case. Maybe some other cases but in this one, we take the blame.

Before you read further, let me warn you. This is a bare-knuckle, no-holds-barred outpouring of my truths and sentiments. I’m not flippant with my thoughts at all. If you are cool, let’s proceed. Trust me, you will be changed after reading this series of articles.

Let me also inform you that this is a three part series and each builds on the other. Every part is so necessary and packed full of information and strategies to clarify your focus, develop a winning mindset and launch you like a laser beam on the path to achieving your dream career. Please do not miss any.

Now, let me ask you a question, are you seeking employment or employability?

Let me explain it. Employment mindset is the pervasive mindset. It thinks, let me just get a job whatever it is, anywhere is fine and I see this in my brief experience in recruitment. This kind of mindset makes you a victim and puts you at the mercy of circumstances.

It is also characterized by an obvious lack of ambition, lack of clarity on career goals and a tendency to sell oneself short. It fails to take into consideration the universal hiring rule that, “Any employer will hire any individual, as long as the employer is convinced that the hiring will bring more value than the cost.”

You often find the employment mindset in people who seek exclusively what the organization can do for them. They are exclusively salary-focused and lack the ability to identify opportunities for career growth especially when it means temporal low income. They lack the ability to delay gratification and they often lead the pack in whining and complaining.

Employability mindset instead raises its sight above earning a living to seeking a career or a job that will help explore and deploy its potential. This is the question employability is always asking, “where do I need to work, what do I need to learn and do to become who I want to become, to get to the top of my career?”

Employability is clear, dogged, focused and ambitious. It threads the road less travelled. It will pay the required price.

An Employability mindset is not passive, it is proactive. It takes responsibility for the development of its career. It is career not job focused. It is constantly pursuing capacity development. It yearns to grow, to know, to do and become more.

One thing distinguishes the employability mindset- it seeks to do more than it is paid for. It understands that doing this is an investment into the future. It’s not about who is watching. It seeks to give and treats the business like its own.

Employability and employment mindset can start with small salaries but employability mindset soon and surely, often overtakes it. Why and how?

Employability has built a necessary foundation and continues to build on it, an invaluable assortment of skills, knowledge and attitude. It understands these things don’t develop by osmosis. They are consciously acquired and this kind of mindset is willing and prepared to give all it takes to rise above the ordinary.

Over time, people with an employability mindset becomes reliable and indispensable. Organizations are willing to part with their resources in order to keep them and make them happy. They create more value than what it takes to keep them. They tend to be recession or down-sizing proof.

Knowing this, can I ask – which do you have? An employment mindset or an employability mindset?

Quickly, let me bring an invaluable information to your notice that will help you greatly after reading the entire post over the course of these 3 days. It’s a life transforming event called Workplace and Enterprise Readiness Programme 2014 (WeReady 2014). It’s a yearly employability training for job seekers, job changers, youth corp members and career changers that will bring the aforementioned in serious learning exchange with 40 seasoned HR professionals, career coaches and entrepreneurs. (Click here to get programme details…http://goo.gl/Wenudu).

I will be sharing with you, starting in the next post, 10 things you can start doing that will immediately increase your EMPLOYABILITY QUOTIENT. Your employability quotient is a measure of your capacity and capability of gaining and maintaining productive work over the period of your working life.

Sounds like something that interest you? Don’t miss part 2 of this employability series that continues tomorrow . Like i said earlier, each post builds on the next to deliver that powerful impact and transformation i’m looking forward to in your life when you begin to act on the ideas i will be sharing. Please feel free to share this post with others.

To your Success

Layi Adeyemi

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I’m deeply committed to sharing ideas and strategies that will help you experience personal transformation and productivity.

About Layi Adeyemi
Layi is a consummate speaker, author, trainer and peak performance coach. As a management consultant, he is currently involved in helping various SMEs realize their full potential through strategy formulation for the development of their human resources and in achieving business growth.


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