#3: Need a Dream Job or Career Advancement? Then Answer This – Do you Have an Employment Mindset or an Employability Mindset?


I’ll be concluding this series on employability today. I hope you have found the past two days insight-full and transformational. In part 1 (http://t.co/F2Ezkp7HY4), I described the difference between the employment mindset and the employability mindset.

In part 2 (http://t.co/FzKXiJdc4n), I explained the relationship of personal growth to your income levels and why you need to take the small steps that will lead to your career dreams.

I will conclude today by sharing the remaining 8 strategies for boosting your EMPLOYABILITY QUOTIENT. Here they are:

#3. Learn how to use Microsoft office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). This is the basic productivity tool in today’s workplace. Go to computer school if you must. I have heard stories of graduates who can’t figure out a laptop switch and don’t know what PowerPoint is. I’m not exaggerating.

#4. Develop your ability to read, write and speak. Are you kidding me I hear you say. Yes! the quality of reading, writing and speaking that took you through school won’t take you far enough. Develop your vocabulary, work on your grammatical correctness. Buy Student Companion or First Aid in English. English is not your mother tongue OK.

What I’m asking you for is to develop finesse. Empty your pocket into your brain and your brain will empty money back into your pocket. Read a lot, read widely and read the right stuffs too. Practice essays. Share your thoughts via a blog. Develop eloquence. Speak like a king.

Also, read BusinessDay to improve your commercial awareness. Research deeply on the career/industry you want to get into. Know what it takes to succeed there. Simply put, don’t let your minds atrophy. Jim Rohn said, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

#5. Network. Network. Network. Get out of your comfort zone. Meet people. Attend relevant events where you can meet relevant people that can give you the relevant information, strategies or possibly help your job search. Networking is an art and science of its own (but that’s not the focus of today).

#6. Attend an employability training (again, I recommend WEREADYand its affordable). I attended WeReady in 2012 and it changed my life. If you can’t afford it, research the topic online and read extensively but attending a training gives you greater leverage and direction plus giving you opportunities to network and be mentored by top HR professionals, recruiters and entrepreneurs.

#7. Leverage Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). I’m very familiar with Alison and Coursera. There are many other platforms that offer free online courses that you can quickly take advantage of to boost your knowledge and skills. Start something now.

#8. Develop your social and emotional intelligence. Your ability to regulate your own conduct, get along with people and work co-operatively is a critical skill that will serve you well at work and in life. It is the key to influence. IQ is just not enough. Leadership potential =IQ +EI + SI.

#9. Ask google. This is trivial you would say but knowing how to use Google search is one of the best things that has happened to me. Google a popular topic and you can get maybe 4,326, 562 pages or even more. You know what that means – 4,326,562 sources of information. Get your back up off the wall and get into learning mode.

#10. Build your personal brand. I simply define this as what people think about you when your name is mentioned. Can I ask you – what do men say you are? Seek to discover yourself. Take a career/personality test to understand your strengths, opportunities and weaknesses. I recommend you read Discover your Strength by Marcus Buckingham.

This also means you should be wise in your use of social media. It can create positive or negative PR for you and can block your opportunities. Employers in their background check often refer to your social media profile. Away with those picture where you were silly-drunk with alcohol or scantily clad and doing whatever. Be wise, Google is the new resume.

I have a lot to say but this should suffice for now. Do something about these ones and more will come.

In conclusion, Let me share what Stephen Covey taught me and he wrote, “As you become involved in continuing education, you increase your knowledge base and you increase your options. Your economic security does not lie in your job; it lies in your own power to produce – to think, to learn, to create, to adapt. That’s true financial independence. It’s not having wealth; it’s having the power to produce wealth. It’s intrinsic.”

I also fondly recall Aruosa Osemwegie’s words in Getting a Job is a Job: a No-nonsense Practical Guide to Getting Your Desired Job (and that is one book you should have read by now. I mean it that every fresh graduate should have read that book  by now), “We need more jobs in more hands, be it entrepreneurship or working for others. Create a job or get a job (it doesn’t matter) but ensure you are one of those productively moving our nation forward.”

To succeed in your chosen career is not a nice thing to do. It is the minimum requirement for your existence and the productivity of our nation.

Please share this post with others. It just my help someone now.

To your success

Layi Adeyemi

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I’m deeply committed to sharing ideas and strategies that will help you experience personal transformation and productivity.

About Layi Adeyemi
Layi is a consummate speaker, author, trainer and peak performance coach. As a management consultant, he is currently involved in helping various SMEs realize their full potential through strategy formulation for the development of their human resources and in achieving business growth.


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