Always Cherish The Vision Of a Better You


It’s a proverbial and well-worn truth that time waits for no one. I can’t believe its March already. However, that time will pass is not my worry as long as I’m maximizing it.

Jimi Tewe gave an advice at the beginning of the year to think of the year strictly in terms of days not months. Here is what it simply means – make every day count.

Sincerely, being human means I have ambivalent feelings about how I have spent the past days (not months remember). Looking back on some days, I cringe because of the realization that I have not been investing time but spending it.

This is what I call an investment of time – any activity that is moving me towards my goals. Any activity that is not moving me towards my goals is simply time spent.

Looking at the gusto with which we set our New Year goals (and that is if you considered it important enough to give the year a direction), can you still say you have retained that enthusiasm?

One thing you and I must always remember is this – the true test of our personal character will be our ability to continue in the pursuit of our goals long after the enthusiasm that started them has waned.

There are still many days ahead – 304 days precisely. The question is this, will you surrender your vision of a BETTER YOU to circumstances, your seeming failures (those unintended and those of your own making)? Never! I hope will be your response.

Having resolved not to give up, you must forget about the past 61days. The past is a place of reference, so learn from it. The past is not a place of residence so seek your abode in to your future. Like Apostle Paul, do this one thing everyday – forget what is behind and press towards the mark.

Trying to move forward with your head turned backwards means you are likely to bump into a wall soon. The failures of this year are those who never learn the art of new beginnings, those who think their guilt can change their past.

You want to achieve your goals in 2014? Then internalize Zig Ziglar’s advice, “No amount of guilt can change the past. No amount of worry can change the future. However, the actions you take today can make a big difference in all the tomorrows of your life.”

Always remember that success is something you attract by the person you are becoming.

Dear reader, please strengthen your knees if feeble and your hands if they are weary from futile efforts. Resolve to become a better person today and everyday for the next 304 days. Always cherish dearly, the vision of a better you.

I believe in YOU.

Layi Adeyemi


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