Be careful! The Route to Your Dream Job is Often Where You Are Now.


Let me make it clear from the start that I’m not advocating being stymied by unwarranted circumstances you can do something about nor am I suggesting you stop making creative effort in finding or creating better circumstances.

What I’m seeking to do is to help you re-examine your perspective of your current dissatisfaction (especially in regards to your career or current job) and to help you hustle while you wait for your dream job.

I often find this true even in my own life that we are more anxious to change our circumstances than we are to change ourselves. Our circumstances can become familiar chains. Except we possess the right combination of thinking patterns, we won’t be able to unlock our freedom and true potential.

Often times we will find that our circumstances change faster when we change the attitude of our minds. Two men can look out of a prison bar and while one can see the mud, another sees the stars.

No matter how terrible the place you currently work, a good attitude and a positive perspective will serve you far greater than the challenges or discouragement inherent.

For some people, changing their job right now is not necessarily their breakthrough solution but maximizing the potential in their current job.

Now pause that thought that says, “Layi, you don’t understand my situation. This is sentimental.” But has your whining and griping solved your problems or delivered to you your dream job?

Even if your job is not paying enough or no longer challenging, the perspective I’m proposing we maintain is that we must seek to outgrow our current job more than we are seeking to change it. Water will always find its level with time.

Learn to keep a good attitude. Attitude is always more important than the facts.

Always ask yourself this question, what opportunities in this job can i leverage to prepare for my dream job? Or what can i make happen here that will endear me to my dream employer in an interview? Stop complaining and start stringing beads of achievement on your current job.

You will need the momentum created by your achievements to sell yourself to your dream employer or to attract the kind of circumstances that is in line with your dreams.

What point am i trying to drive home? Your situation is not hopeless. Another is that one of the greatest mistakes people can make is to fail to realize that they are  the CEO of a company called YOU and that they are responsible for its performance.

According to Brian tracy, “…You are completely responsible for marketing and selling yourself…You are responsible for production – for producing the highest quality of services of which you are capable. You are responsible for quality control – for continually upgrading your knowledge and skills so you can do your job faster and better…This attitude is the starting point of getting the job you want, not only in the short term, but for the rest of your career.”

So, can you now see why incessant complaints about your current job won’t help you. If you are upwardly mobile, you will take responsibility to improve yourself as much as you can. And guess the best place to start? Where you are now as bad (or maybe as good) as it is.

While you are searching for greener pastures, please ensure you are consuming all your grasses (maximizing all your opportunities) where you are now. A good attitude won’t suddenly resume with you in a new place. “We are what we repeatedly do”, says Aristotle. After the sizzle is gone, you will be back to your old surly and lazy self.

Moreover, we never lose by doing more than we are paid for. By so doing, we are sowing into our future. Every job no matter how terrible has something invaluable to teach us that will serve us as we move on. We need to learn the dignity of labour.

More importantly, If the theory that past performance is a reliable predictor of future performance is true, can your current quality of work or how you are handling your current responsibilities qualify you for something bigger?

Not confident to answer this question? Make adjustment where necessary. Do things differently henceforth.

One last question? What do you need to stop or start doing right now to help you get your dream job? Whatever your decision or answer is, start or stop doing it right now.

To your success.

Layi Adeyemi

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I’m deeply committed to sharing ideas and strategies that will help you experience personal transformation and productivity.

About Layi Adeyemi
Layi is a consummate speaker, author, trainer and peak performance coach. As a management consultant, he is currently involved in helping various SMEs realize their full potential through strategy formulation for the development of their human resources and in achieving business growth.


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