Great Companies Treat Their People as Talents, Assets and Not as Employees, Resources or Costs


It is imperative that indigenous companies should have a 3-5 years Strategic Business Plan for the growth and expansion of their business. The planning process is just as important as the business plan because it forces you to take a critical look at various factors that are likely to influence the direction of your business now and in the near future.

An organization’s business plan is not a certification of success. If the saying is true that the best way to predict the future is to create it, then we would be better prepared to face the future if we have a plan than if we had no plan at all.

An imperfect business plan is better than no business plan.

Even when businesses take steps to create a strategic business plan, what is more important is to determine the key metrics and performance indicators for growth. Are they clearly established and measurable? There is however one business performance metrics without which a business cannot hope to achieve the sustainable long-term growth that it envisions….Click here to Read More…

Layi Adeyemi


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