Read a Book Every Day


Read a Book everyday

Not a whole book!  But for at least half an hour be alone with a book.  Reading is an incredibly 80/20 activity – you experience life and ideas through books almost more efficiently than any other way; reading takes you into new worlds you wouldn’t easily experience otherwise; reading requires you to think and imagine; and reading is highly enjoyable.  There are so many books of so many different types that if you can’t find a book you really want to read, you are not being serious.  Make sure you have a small pile of real books or a few on your Kindle that you want to read.   Take a book or Kindle everywhere you might be able to read for a few minutes.

Written By Richard Koch (Author of 80/20 principle).

Koch considers reading a 80/20 choice, one of those few things you need to do but which produce great results in the long run.

If the price is TV, movies, unguarded use of social media or even so called friends, gladly pay it. Do all you can to start a reading habit today even if its 15mins. Read something inspirational, spiritual, educative, career-advancing.

And don’t forget skip the trash. Be selective. If it won’t help you grow, don’t read it.

Who told you you can’t start NOW!


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