Goals Are Overrated. Instead Focus On This…


I’m a big believer in goal setting but sometimes I think it can seem to be bloated stuff. The whole idea of it just doesn’t seem to be worth it’s salt as much in practical reality. Can i get a witness?

One on hand, I’m asking – could the problem be with me? I think so. Here is how it plays out.

I set goals at the beginning of the year, month or week and just sweep it under the carpet. I think I approach life like a genie’s lamp, expecting it to grant my wish (goals) automatically without any effort on my path.

This is why i now tend to be wary of my interpretation of books and videos such as The Secret.

While I agree that goals are thought conditioners, focusing the mind to notice and attract opportunities, it is not enough if you are seeking realities. Here is what I have come to discover. The law of process. Here is how it works:

1. Begin with a goal but don’t end there

Goal setting gives you direction but process is the how-to guide that will guarantee goal attainment. Don’t be so consumed with the reward of your goals that you ignore the process, the step by step daily grind that will get you there.

2. Identify the process

As manufacturing companies engage various processes in saving cost, achieving maximum quality and timely delivery, so also should you approach your goals.

Now ask yourself, what must I do starting from now to make it happen. This is the hard part because it requires a lot of thinking to identify the steps required. It might mean you need to ask questions, research, read books etc.

Most people would rather dream idly and claim they are setting goals. This is what separates the achievers from the dreamers.

3. Follow the process

In achieving your goals, don’t wait for a perfect plan but plan to perfect the plan.

As soon as you have identified the next step, commit to action. Do something about your goals. Ignore the rewards. Focus on the action. Develop enough mindfulness to focus on what you can do now, today and everyday.

4. Embark on regular course correction

You must be able to track the effectiveness of your plan or process and if it’s not working, change your strategy.

Like I said, this demands a lot of thinking and most people will rather indulge fantasies. Reviewing your process requires that you constantly examine for better strategies and ideas for achieving your goals.

Understand what is not working. Stick with what works and see how you can improve on it.

5. Gain traction

Most people don’t realize something – your goals will often cost you more than you have budgeted for. They give up along the way because they lack process thinking and won’t pay the price of consistency in refining and applying themselves to process.

The writer who wants to be world-class author and disciplines himself to write a 1000 words everyday, inspired or not has understood the law of process. The athlete who prepare for the Olympic games four years ahead has understood the law of process.

At some point, these people hit traction. This is the point in which the process has been so consistently and pains-takingly refined and applied such that they can create results with minimal effort and with predictability.

It is at this point that the world begins to notice the achievement of their goals. It is at the point people begin to perceive them as invincible, displaying maximum productivity and capable of achieving anything.

6. Now you have arrived

This is the phase the ignorant defines as luck. We explain away the wonderful result of hard work simply because we don’t understand the process behind it.

Like seth Godin Wrote, “Gradually and then suddenly… Day by day we improve and build an asset, but none of it seems to be paying off. Until one day, quite suddenly, we become the ten-year overnight success”.

You marvel at Bill Gates genius and wealth while ignoring the sleepless nights and inordinate focus to learn computing. You wonder why Warrren Buffett is so smart and wealthy while ignoring his extreme love for learning and thinking around investments on a daily basis.

The mark of intelligent people is that they focus on the habits (processes) that create the success they admire.

We simply can’t microwave the process of growth, wisdom, spirituality or wealth. The price of process must be paid. It cost time, thinking, learning and more importantly a lot of action.

Are you wondering why you haven’t achieved your goals yet? Why we are yet to celebrate your awesomeness? The question you need to answer is if you have been invested in the process.

Let’s have a conversation

What processes or habits have you identified for the achievement of your goals? How do you intend to cultivate them on a daily basis? Please share with us.


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