Drumroll! Let’s Celebrate!


I want to celebrate a little victory.

Today, WordPress sent me a message for achieving my 50th blogpost.

I consider it an accomplishment because at some point I wondered who am I to write or inspire others. I struggled with a lot of self doubt about myself and my writing skills.

I doubted if anyone would read them but now I have 81 bloggers following me, audiences from all over the world especially in the UK, USA, India, South Africa, Kenya.

These are the 10 lessons I have learnt:

1. Don’t build a case against yourself

2. Don’t wait for people to believe in you

3. Be willing to tolerate ambiguity

4. Don’t tell people your dream, show them

5. You will have it tough but it doesn’t mean you should give up

6. Writing is just plain discipline. To hell with inspiration. To become a writer, write.

7. There is always room for improvement. You can only get better if you practise.

8. Consistency is key

9. Motivation will get you started, discipline will keep you going.

10. Set clear and specific goals

At the beginning of the year, I set a target of having 100 quality personal development articles for my blog which I started without any knowledge of blogging last year August 2013.

It was entirely a self taught process, pains-taking and long. I have given up on a lot of things in my life but I made up my mind this will not be one of them.

It has cost me a lot of personal growth, research and reading. I now have a concept that I stumbled upon called “reverse journalling” This is my secret which I hope to share with you later.

The half of the year is over and I have 50 more to go. Lord, help me!

I don’t feel like i have arrived yet. Far from it! I know the platform will get bigger because my desire to serve my readers is always on my mind. You keep me going.

Thank you for the reading, comments and shares. This is just the beginning.

Layi Adeyemi
Peak Performance coach


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