You Can’t Miss Greatness With These 3 Powerful Keys


Do you often sense that deep down within you, covered by that body you either love or despise is a force, a power, a longing for greatness?

Are you going to silence it or let if find expression?

Are you desirous of life on its outer edges?

Are you willing to challenge the limits of possibility?

I bet you can’t do this until you identify your drive, your purpose.

What exactly does drive mean to you?

Your drive is that powerful force of motivation, something that gives you a reason to live, to wake up and get going again in spite of the challenges going on around you.

In its absence, we miss the will, enthusiasm and joy of living. Mole hills of challenges becomes mountains. We sweat the small stuffs. We fret. We bicker.

In its presence, we are powerful, inspiring and invincible. It doesn’t mean its presence shields us from failure but it causes us to rise again after every failure.

Apostle Paul understood it when he wrote, “In my opinion whatever may have to go through now is less than nothing compared with the magnificent future God has planned for us.”

As I seek to see that magnificent future come to pass in my life, these 3 things give me the hope that I will get there.

1. Alignment with God’s truth

Living in alignment with God’s truth is a fundamental. This is my first and greatest area of struggle.

Can I be real? I struggle.

On the other hand, I have been through enough to know that his counsel and principles are good for me and humanity in general.

I believe that to be able to live a life worthy of admiration, a noble life, his truths as revealed in the Bible, must become our guidepost.

One of the greatest problems of our generation as observed by Ghandi is seeking religion without sacrifice.

Obedience is costly but costlier is the consequence of not living in alignment with your highest and best truth.

In case you think this doesn’t matter, remember the saying – We are not punished for our sins but by our sins.

To unlock your greatness, determine to live by truth. This should be your greatest drive. When or if you fail, recommit again.

Don’t wallow in the mud simply because you fell into it. You are not a pig. You are human remember. And that means you are responsible for your actions.

2. Maximizing potential

My blog is dedicated to sharing ideas, strategies and thinking that can help people and organizations maximize their potential.

I’m very fascinated by human potential that I absorb myself in constant study and research, searching for cues and sharing my insights. I share because I want us to grow together.
I hope I have been helpful all this while?

This is how I see it – you won’t be happy or respect yourself until you feel that every day you are growing towards your maximum potential.

Every day you must be experiencing a mental shift. You must be increasing your capacity to learn and to do. You must be in constant pursuit of relevant life goals.

I say relevant because some goals are like ladders leaning on the wrong wall. You will only climb up to the wrong apex and discover there are no treasures there but loneliness and emptiness.

You must keep reading, doing, sharing, leading and enabling.

The best investment you can make in your life especially of you are still young is in yourself. No relationship matters as much.

Unless you dedicate yourself to constant and never ending improvement, you can’t be relevant or highly valued. Always seek to be an asset.

3. Living a life of contribution

This for me can be summarized in the GEMSTONE creed,

“Be a part of the solution not a part of the problem to be solved.”

This drive finds expression in my passion to enable people, organizations and societies become the best they can be.

I believe that our lives attain true meaning through its donation and not through its duration.
What is the essence of a long life that is not lived well? What is the essence of a life that doesn’t bless others?

Woodrow Wilson said,

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget that errand.”

I deliberately discussed the first two drives before the last one. This is because I believe that you can’t give what you don’t have.

You can’t contribute to people, organizations and societies sustainably, if you are not living in alignment with God’s truth or growing towards your maximum potential. They are the minimum requirement and they should be the object of your focus henceforth.

Let’s have a conversation

Which of the three keys have you found most relevant in your pursuit of greatness? How do you intend to live more by them?

You can share more keys with us. Please comment below and hit the share buttons. Let’s extend the conversation.


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