A Reminder on Man’s Resilience and Capability.


So many are the times when we doubt out ability to step up to challenges which in this life are inevitable. Either out of necessity or expectation we find ourselves having to step up to the plate and do things that we never dreamed we would.

When key players in the various teams we find ourselves are assigned to leave and we’re called upon to lead because we’re next in command, we’re forced to pick up the baton and run even though we’ve barely learnt how to walk.

Yet despite all our apparent inabilities we find ourselves doing the impossible. Why? Because even the seemingly impossible things are possible. We’re beings created to adapt, to make it through the strongest of storms and exceed expectations. It’s during the toughest of times that we develop skills we never even knew we could.

Stress and hardship sharpen our minds and makes us see life in different dimensions; opportunities begin to appear where there were previously none. The human mind and spirit are quite remarkable, never underestimate their limits.

And even though the pressure around us remains unchanged, it gets easier; we get better at handling the responsibilities handed to us. With time the colossal becomes manageable and eventually we  begin to thrive when everyone, including ourselves, expected us to survive at best. Time passes and we realize that we really were the ones to get the job done.

Now if you’re having a tough time, be it in your personal or professional life, remember past victories; even those that appear small. When you doubt your ability to handle the stresses of this life, take a step back and think of those times you ‘got lucky’ and did things right…luck is playing your spouse’s birthday and winning the lottery, not overcoming an obstacle you were unprepared for; that’s called rising-to-the-occasion.   Trust that you can always do it even when it seems you can’t.


Sarah Wanjohi


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