Do You Need A Hunger for LifeLong Learning? I Can Stir It Up


Formal education will earn you a living; self-education will earn you a fortune – Jim Rohn

One of the best things that has happened to me was stumbling on the power of self-education in 2007. It opened me up to a new world.

I’m often concerned why people do not see its obvious and immense benefits. I also find the need so deep in my heart that I want to place a book in the hands of everyone I meet and give them a strong desire to read them.

Sincerely, if you want to grow, you must prioritize lifelong learning. You must never subscribe to that self-aggrandizement that you know it all and can’t be taught.

You simply can’t leave the transformation of your life to the process of osmosis, hoping you pick things up along the way.

One of the feelings I often carry around with me is a feeling of dissatisfaction that I do not know enough. The more I seek knowledge, the more acute I feel the depth of insight and wisdom I’m yet to touch.

Young men and women must feel the echoes of King Solomon’s heartbeat when he wrote, “Happy is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gains understanding. For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold.”

There is a hunger I want to stir up in you for life-long learning. It will transform you into a new man. It will show you are not what you are born with and that you are what you make of yourself. You will see in yourself something valuable, something worthwhile when you develop yourself. No longer will you consider yourself as mediocre or inferior.

In this age where the power is in the mind and not the muscles, you need to spend time building your mental muscles. Young man, wake up! Your competition is global. Are you already impressed at your local trophy? There is a world to conquer and that you must do.

To influence your world, young men and women, you need to seek depth in the current thinking that influences and shapes your world. You need regular intercourse with the keener and wiser minds of your generation.

You need to abandon the idea of reading for escapism or for mere pleasure. Read and think until your mind becomes productive and produces insight and ideas that will wow your generation. We need the products of your mind.

The colour of your skin no longer matters. You are no longer limited. You can access the internet. You even have it there on your smartphone, turn it into a knowledge laboratory. Be mixing and experimenting with new thoughts. Fertilize your mind, get rid of the weeds, skip the trash, and plant some good seeds of stimulating reading and good thinking.

I definitely know that lifelong learning will do all of these for you and more:

1. Guaranteed Job Security

No one can despise you for long if they know you know what will solve their problems and if you are constantly exercising knowledge into action to create amazing results. The quality of your results will always be at the mercy of your learning.

To earn more, you must learn more. You can’t be out of work for long if you have the knowledge and insight that can create value for another.

2. Humility

Jim Collins wrote that the two qualities of exceptional organizational leaders are professional will and personal humility. True learning will keep you humble, not proud. It will make you responsible, giving you the will to live up to the highest and best that you know. The struggles and failures of the attempt will help you grow and keep you humble.

3. Wealth

Is it not amazing that 63% of the world’s wealthiest listen to audio books during commute. Should that not provoke something in you that 88% of them read at least 30+ minutes or more each day.

If they in their busy schedule make this a strong priority, why do young people complain there is no time? We want to be wealthy but we despise the surest route to it, which is lifelong learning.

4. Meaning

I believe that one of life’s greatest purpose is learning. It’s beautiful when you adopt a constant learning attitude. Living to learn is one of the greatest excitements of life.

Your challenges, experiences, setbacks, failures and success are all opportunities for learning. Don’t run away from them even when tough for they provide your greatest learning opportunities and will create your life’s message and meaning.

5. Luck

All of us do get seemingly lucky breaks but I believe must people create their luck. We can’t control the timing of our opportunities but we can determine the level of our preparation. Some people have spent years in the lonely road of learning and sharpening their skills.

Trust me, it is lonely. Suddenly their opportunity comes as providence often brings them and they find within themselves, inner resources, strength, mental models and frames of references to respond effectively. They create amazing results and the rest of us say they are lucky.

My experience has taught me that people value suddenly not gradually. The honest truth is that most of us will spend a great portion of our lives in the plateau of learning, with less attention. Suddenly, we will take advantage of some opportunity and create wow experiences.

Be humble to admit that there is nothing special about you, neither were you lucky. Nobody suddenly arrives. They got their through a process and there is no surer one than lifelong learning and personal humility.

Wikipedia says Lifelong learning is the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

If all of the aforementioned is anything to go by,  have they stirred up your hunger for lifelong education? Will I still find you passionately in pursuit of knowledge and skills one year from today?

It can be easy if you will just whet your appetite one day at a time.


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