The Fine Art of Hustling and Waiting


“Good things come to those who wait but only what is left behind by those that hustle.” – Author unknown

You have had it said, “Hustle while you wait.”

Just what does it mean?

I have found that we can mistake a lack of pep for patience. It has happened to me and I’ll be quick to remind myself to follow my own advice.

I strongly believe we all need to cultivate the virtue of patience. Our fast-paced, technology driven world seeks to make everything happen at once.

Our hurried pace, though admirable, often create a lack of depth and more superficiality in the areas that matter to our long term success. Lasting relationships, spirituality, genuine leadership, character are not attained in a flight. Understood?

On the flip side, the process of waiting has its temptation. We can build a monument of comfort. It can be the excuse to coast along. It can be used to explain away a lack of initiative.

Just how do you draw the line in major areas of your life, so that your waiting helps your hustle?

1. Goal Achievement

Waiting means that you value the process and not the outcome. It means you focus on the daily grind, the effort, ups and downs instead of the mere satisfaction of goal achievement.

On the other hand, hustling means that you are taking the initiative to make the goal happen. It means you do not just set a goal and automatically believe it will happen. It means you show up daily and put in the hard work required.

Hustling also means that you swim towards your dreams instead of waiting for the ship to come to you. You do what you have to do with the conviction that you have the power to get it done and the patience to see it through. You are unstoppable.

2. Career Success

I do not pretend to be a career success coach but I want to share a few observations about the art of hustling and waiting that serve as a counsel to me.

Career success doesn’t suddenly happen. It’s not always a sprint. It’s a marathon. It requires that you are strategic and are making constant course corrections.

Hustling and Waiting means that you understand that the price of mastery must be paid in full. And that you don’t need the spotlight shining on you to do your best job. It requires you to understand like Aristotle that we are what we repeatedly do and so excellence is a habit, not an act. A reputation for excellence is not built in a day and you can’t make emergency preparation.

It demands that you maintain on a daily basis, an attitude of lifelong learning, hard work and getting along with people. It means you are willing to trade money for skill when it matters. It means that you follow the advice of Max Lucado not to consult your greed when making career or job choices but your design (talents and interests) and your designer (purpose).

Career success is important and gratifying but note that it’s lonely at the top when you pursue it at the expense of others or the things that matter most.

3. Relationships

Hustling and waiting matters in your relationships. You can’t microwave the process of developing fulfilling and lasting relationships. Good relationships like fine wine mature gracefully and with time.

In addition, you can’t expect that the woman or the man of your dreams will suddenly find you if you are not available or pretending not to be. It means you are not expecting God to dump a wife on your laps or a husband to find you when you act less than desirable.

If a lack of courage has kept you waiting, it’s your fault. You are right, you don’t want to make mistakes. You have been burnt and it’s understandable. But check who is speaking to you and which voice is louder – your faith or your fear?

Having all your convictions in place and not making a move violate the code of hustling. You can’t always wait for perfect conditions to make a move. Even when you doubt, action can stymie your doubts. A minimum level of hesitation is healthy. Only a fool rushes blindly into anything let alone a commitment.

Have the courage to let go. Create space in your life while you are waiting. A wise man said that it is true that we often don’t know what we have until we lose it and that it’s also true that we often don’t know what we have been missing until it arrives.

Have the decency to let go of what doesn’t work for you. Have the courage to embrace uncertainty and the possibility that you can have it better.

Practice positive self-expectancy. Focus on being the best partner for that one. Develop yourself. Be an asset. It’s the greatest gift you can give to your future spouse.

4. Character Growth

Forgive yourself in case you haven’t attained your own standard of perfection. We all are work-in-progress. Just focus on being a better version of yourself today. Yesterday is past.

I paraphrase Kunle Soriyan here, “We can’t change the past but we can realign the path to the future by our actions today.”

Your character is something to hustle. It should be your greatest hustle because it is hard to build and easy to destroy. Waiting means you understand it’s a daily process. Hustling means that you are not expecting it to come by osmosis. You prioritize and make effort towards growing your character.

Never give excuses for any bad habit you have permitted. You can’t solve character problems with the same thinking habits that created and sustained them.

Spirituality is a tonic for character growth because it makes you reflect on the greater meaning of life and the long term. Cultivate your spiritual life. Honour and seek the knowledge of your creator. The prosperity of your soul matters. Achievement and the pursuit of pleasure will never eradicate the void that poverty here creates.

Here is hustling and waiting made clear, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”(James 4:8)

5. Financial Success

With money, hustling and waiting matters. Waiting means that you do not involve yourself in get-rich-quick schemes or that you lose your soul to enrich your pocket.

It means you will be ethical and constructive in your pursuit of wealth. It means that you have healthy and empowering beliefs about money.  Money is not the major source of happiness. It only makes sense when it’s combined with great relationships and the maturity of the soul.

Nuff said. Hustle anyway. Refuse to settle for less than you are capable of earning. You do the world a great disservice by not providing the value commensurate to your earning potential. Pursue wealth for the greater good of your own development and the empowerment of others.

More importantly, understand that you can’t be richer than the quality of your mind. Treat it as your greatest asset. Cultivate your earning potential. Seek to become more valuable to the market place. Strive to be the best at what you do. Obey the laws of money.

Let’s have a conversation
Is there any area of your life that you think you need a lot of pep to improve? What ideas or thoughts has inspired you to take actions on them? What are you going to do starting from today?

I’m glad to announce that the biggest room you and I have is that for improvement. Let us keep it in constant expansion.


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