Imagine The Possibilities….


Imagine a life where every day I give the best of me
When I don’t have to look back and wish I had lived differently.
When I do not let my fears or doubts stop me from taking that single step
When I don’t have to think “If only I had”

Imagine me waking up in the morning, able to look at myself in the mirror
Unafraid and bold
Knowing that what is in me is not different from what I see
Knowing that in destiny, I have made myself more of my own friend than a foe

Imagine if every day were to become a masterpiece
When I give it my best even when I can’t see how it matters to the future.
Oh my longings for fruitful days, where not distractions reign but focus
Where not activities matter but results

Imagine if I kept my dream alive and made my optimism come true
If I were more in my imagination rather than less
For the pictures of my imagination are a preview of life’s coming attraction
And I want to be unafraid when as within becomes as without

Imagine if my soul were pure, where heaven can dwell unhindered and unashamed
If my heart were large enough as to forget more often my own cares
Then I would seek the greater good of others
For I will remember that life is not measured by its donation but by its contribution

Imagine if I never chose passing pleasure over the sanctity of my soul
Then fear, guilt and anxiety would have no power over me
Then I would wake up every day with the inner power to transform my world
Because I recognize that the greatest prosperity is that which dwells in the soul

Imagine If I never let me feelings rule me
And I gave my best to the task at hand whether I felt like doing it or not
Knowing that it is in the thinking and doing that the feeling comes
Then strength and optimism would be birthed in my soul
Knowing that I have the resources and discipline to translate my vision into reality

Imagine that I choose to be me and to live what I believe
And I do not fear to be discovered, my life an indivisible whole
Then I would have climbed the first height of success
For it is a worthy accomplishment to live unafraid of our convictions and who we are

Imagine that I let myself feel beautiful
Knowing that true beauty is first in the disposition of my soul
That I seek my self-esteem in my character and not in my looks
Then I would have found the beauty or looks that is truly lasting

Imagine If I were my best at what I do
When I do not let the daily drudgery of mastery be strangled by my proclivity for ease
For I will be pushing myself beyond my comfort zone
Because I hope not to know the best of me yet
For to feel I have arrived is the death of my potential

Imagine if I could love myself just as I am now
To realize I’m valuable and worthwhile
To be secure in spite of my imperfections and safe in my creator’s love
And then I will persist in the pursuit of virtue, for it is a vital habit of the soul
For I realize life is an essential process of becoming.

Imagine the possibilities for me.

Dream! Never build a case against yourself! Pick yourself up! Don’t give up the fight!
Live out of your imagination rather than mere memory! Your best days are ahead!

Today matters. BE MORE!


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