25 Sobering Truths About Achieving Your Goals in 2015.


Already a lot of conversations have been going on around setting goals, New Year resolutions, vision and all. I hope not to bore you with the same details but to add some perspectives that can help towards making 2015 more effective for you.

First and foremost on my mind is our approach to goal setting and New Year resolutions. I very much embrace the reality that everything is created twice, First in the mind and then without.

For 2015 to be different, you must realize it is never too late to start becoming the person you know you can and should be. Be unafraid to dream new dreams and to commit to the vision of your future. In the process, you will need these 25 tips:

1. The best way to increase your chances of making things different in 2015 is to crystallize your goals in writing. Writing helps to develop clarity.

2. Vague goals are not goals at all. A goal is a clear, written and specific statement. You need to be more detailed about what you want in 2015 but you don’t need a list of 30 goals. In addition, your goals are not cast in stone. You can change them but don’t settle for less.

3. Understand that the planning process is equally or even more important than the plans. For this reason, it must be an ongoing process. Be flexible. Your plans or even your goals will be subject to change or revision as you go along the year.

4. A goal is not a wish-list. Hope alone is not a strategy. Without proper plans, course corrections, review, ongoing preparation, accountability, goals rarely see the light of day.

5. Never entrust the change you want to see in your life to the turn of the calendar or a distant future. January 1 is not different from December 31st. Set your goals, develop your plans but realize that success comes as a result of what you do daily. In order to change our lives in a remarkable way, we must change what we do on a daily basis, our routines. The daily grind is where the rubber meets the road in the course of achievement and character growth. CONSISTENCY is the ultimate skill of success.

6. It is not what we do once in a while that changes our lives but what we do consistently. This implies that you must find ways to sustain your motivation to enable you achieve your goals. You can be excited and all bubbly in January. How will you sustain that momentum in March, June, and August? Find a compelling reason or why to achieve your goals. Imagine clearly and regularly the rewards of achieving your goals and the consequences of not achieving them. Read books. Listen to uplifting audio books and sermons.

7. There is a force called resistance that will dog you every step of the way. Try to make an upward ascent and you will encounter it. You know it is harder to climb a staircase than to descend one. Success is an uphill task and you must be ready to fight inertia every step of the way. The greatest test is maintaining commitment long after the enthusiasm has faded.

8. What is your character vision? A lot of us have goals about what we want to achieve and do but we have little clarity on who we want to become. Who you want to become should shape your goals and not the other way round. Don’t climb the ladder of success in 2015 only to later discover it is leaning on the wrong wall.

9. To have more and do more, you have to become more. Focus on daily growth. The maturity and health of your soul matters and will influence your achievement.

10. Are you goals internally directed or shaped by people or society’s expectation of you? Stop living to please and conform to what is around you? Feel free to pursue your own definition of success even if it is not popular.

11. You are not your past. Kunle Soriyan said, “You can’t change the past but you can align the pathways to the future by your actions today.” Choose to live from your imagination (the vision of who you can be become) rather than your memory (past struggles, failures and even achievement). Even if the past was good, the future can be better.

12. Never build a case against yourself. Get rid of your fear, guilt and inferiority complex. For once believe you are good enough, deserving and capable. You have tried negative thinking all the while. In the words of Rev. Schuller, become a possibilitarian.

13. Understand that whatever you are comfortable with or are willing to accept in your life, you cannot change. Get rid of the ambivalence towards change. Develop red hot desire for your personal transformation. Maintain that inner positive dissatisfaction that comes from the vision of what is possible for you.

14. Your self image or concept matters. How you see yourself will determine what you expect of yourself. Leverage the power of your imagination to treat yourself to a vision of the person you can become. Constantly visualize a better you.

15. You are going to face your fair share of challenges. They are test and you must pass them for your growth and maturity in 2015. The obstacle must be the way and not the hindrance for you. Anticipate and prepare for those discouraging, stressful and seemingly helpless moments. Your response in those moments matter.

16. Who you become in the process of achieving your goals matter more than what you achieve or get. So focus on the process as well as the reward.

17. Focus more on what you want in your life rather than what you don’t want. Where your focus and attention goes, there energy goes.

18. It is not what you know alone but what you do consistently with what you know that will transform your life. Transformation is a product of being and doing. Seek knowledge but embrace execution. Recognize that inaction breeds fear and doubt. Imperfect steps are better than none.

19. Invest more in yourself. Empty your pocket into your brain and it will later empty back into your pocket. The greatest gift you can give to others is the gift of your personal development across the important areas of your life.

20. Be accountable to someone about your goals and your life. Be proactive to ensure they track your progress. You can also do the same for others. In making lasting changes, a support system of like-minded friends and mentors are important. You need help to become the best you can be.

21. Do something every day that your future self will be proud of. A true measure of your intelligence in the New Year is to do only the things that support your long term vision and goals.

22. Regular tracking and review of your goals is important, whether it is a monthly, quarterly or weekly review. Place your goals where you can remind yourself about them on a daily basis.

23. No matter how many times you fail or struggle this year, you must continue to get back up. The only thing that can be called failure is when you stop trying. Be known for always bouncing back from failure or setback. Your success is not about you alone. When you overcome, you give others a reference and permission to do the same.

24. Have faith in yourself in spite of yourself. Believe you are capable of rising up to any occasion or challenge. Be optimistic and make your optimism come true. Ultimately, we can because we think we can. Your greatest battle will be with your own self-limiting belief. They don’t change on January 1. You must work to overcome them daily.

25. Trust in God and lean not on your understanding. Acknowledge him in all that you do and he will guide your path (Prov3:6). At the same time, you should make plans trusting God to direct your steps. God won’t do for you, what you can do for yourself. He will bless the work of your hands not your good intentions. Make it easy by your own attitude for God to work with you, on you and for you.

I wish you the best of 2015.

Remember: Your dreams are valid.

Layi Adeyemi
Your Peak Performance Coach


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