The People’s Mandate – What Change Means For Nigerians


I submit that today’s victory is not of any political party but the enthroning of the people’s power. Going forward, we will no longer allow any party or leader to lord it over us. APC or PDP.

The cause we must pursue going forward is that of a matured democracy where we vote based on ideologies, ideals, vision, oratory prowess, clear-cut agendas, proposition of viable policies and programmes and strong political will and commitment towards reform.

The struggle to strenghten our democracy has just began. May it be said in 2019 that we have made progress, that we have left behind the dark ages of aggressive partisan politics, tribal, ethnic and religious sentiments. May corruption become the malignant sin it should be instead of a flagrant pride as we now know it.

We have come along way but what lies ahead of us is far greater than what lies behind us.

I also salute the power of persistence in General Buhari. Three elections contested and  lost. It is true now that failure is the price for success. Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. The world indeed answers to the man whose resolve shows that he knows where he is going.

On serious reflection,I do not believe the change Nigeria needs will be delivered by GMB’s administration alone. We only ask him to provide an enabling environment for the people to make the change happen. The Power in our hands will find true expression as we take responsibility to improve our lives first and then our nation.

I hope GMB/Osinbajo will give us the “Nigerian dream”, a country where you can start from the bottom and go anywhere or become anything as long as your imagination will permit.

This is the true CHANGE I embrace. But if change is about a new man in power, this I reject.

God bless Nigeria.


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