Focus This Year On Who You Are Becoming


This part of the year feels familiar right?

For some, it’s the time for New Year resolutions, dos and don’ts.

For some, it’s time to set goals and make plans for their accomplishment.

For some, it’s another opportunity to re-calibrate and ask searching questions about life and the path they want to beat into the future.

Whichever works for you, I commend that you have a basic understanding that human beings are designed for growth, accomplishment and progress.

In the absence of these, life feels listless and it gets easier to run out of steam.

However, I feel there is a part we often neglect in the process of setting goals, making New Year resolutions, making plans.

That significant part is who we are and are becoming.

The truth is the pursuit of becoming a better version of ourselves is a lifetime journey rather than a destination.

But do we ask ourselves every year how far we have progressed?

I can’t agree more with the writer that wrote,

“Use the time spent waiting for what you deserve to make yourself more deserving of it.”

This simply means become the kind of person who naturally attracts the success, relationship, career, network, net worth you desire or aim to achieve.

Become the kind of person that makes it difficult not to achieve your goals. Ensure your daily habits, thoughts, imagination, actions are naturally driving you in the direction of your goals and your ideal life.

Read the books and associate with the people that will encourage you to become the kind of person that will achieve your goals.

Ensure you are making a mental shift regularly in the quality of your thinking.

It is the truth that James Allen echoed,

“You can’t travel within and stand still without.”

When you mind changes, your actions will be transformed and your circumstances will follow.

People win the lottery but does that make them millionaires? The fact that a significant percentage of lottery winners go bankrupt shows that the essential growth process of becoming a millionaire was missing so they naturally reverted back to the limit of their personal growth in terms of money.

It’s why I often pay attention to who a great man is and not so much about his accomplishment. A billionaire can lose all his money and still bounce back and make a billion dollars again because he understands the process, habits, thinking and actions that created the fortune in the first place.

I want to encourage you to focus this year on who you are and who you are becoming. Pay attention to improving your thoughts, ideals, values, character, vision, drive, ambition, work ethic, personality.

Do not entrust the change in your life to a certain period of the year (usually the beginning).

Every day, this year offers the opportunity to begin again more intelligently, to work harder, to lift the bar a little more, to resist temptation, to study more, rest more, contribute more, love more.

The process of becoming sometimes can be one step forward, two steps back. Refuse to give up.

True and lasting change is a compound effect. It is not the goals you set on New Year eve that will change your life and create your breakthrough. It is who you consciously script yourself to become every single day.

When you fall. Get back up. Keep pushing until you realize a better version of yourself.

Again to achieve your goals this year, become the type of person that naturally attracts the accomplishment of your goals.

The question now is who do you need to become?

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One response to “Focus This Year On Who You Are Becoming

  1. Thank you for the insight Prof Layi. I intend to keep pushing this year till my to do list is entirely ticked.

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