Why Only One Thing Matters


“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are.”
– Steve Jobs

Have you arrived at the point where you realize you must bring some order into your life?

That moment of clarity where you realize your circumstances need to change

Perhaps you have even identified what needs to change but you are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the change and how arduous the journey might likely be.

The temptation is to set a lot of things in motion whether you are trying to improve your productivity, get your relationship life in order, make more money, get your finances in order.

On a closer examination, you will discover only one thing matters, that if prioritized consistently will creates the momentum, leverage or breakthrough you re looking for.

Are you looking to be more productive?

You cant get everything done but there is one thing that matters every day to the success of your project, business and career. You must determine that one thing and focus on it.

Gary Keller, Author of The One Thing nailed it here, “You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects.”

Multitasking, a productivity myth is an attempt to set many balls in motion and a failure to get the most important thing done. Even when you know what is priority, you must focus on it to the exclusion of everything else until it gets done.

It is obvious wisdom but hard in practice in our age of technological distraction.

Think about your relationships?

You must know the relationships that matter. The best ones are the ones that are invested in your purpose and future. Where you know if you get in trouble, they will show up and be there till its alright again.

There is that relationship you either need to cultivate or find that will be a multiplier for your life’s journey. You must discern and invest in them.
Do you know that one relationship/friendship now?

Is your lifestyle or habit sidetracking your success?

There is one habit you need to get rid off now that is creating the greatest weight in your life and getting rid of it will

There is one habit you need to cultivate to get your life on track at a particular point in time, that habit that provides the lever for other success habits to develop.

You need to identify it and make it your primary focus of change. Don’t try to start many habits at a time. Just focus on that pivotal habit.

Are you searching for that special person?

I mean that one special person you want to have a desired future with. This is a critical decision that can determine your life’s happiness.

Author Brian Tracy wrote that “Your ability to enter into a long term, loving relationship is an important measure of your character and personality.”

For the fellas, there is the tendency to spread yourself around and hoping to get lucky. The reality is that you have to learn to focus on that one person who really deserves your time and attention.

Even if you think you are God’s gift to the ladies, you life will be greatly enhanced if you identify and invest in one deserving woman.

For the ladies, your focus should be that person who is willing to give his very self not just his money and is glad to help you become the very best version of yourself. And for him to be this way, he has to be on the same growth trajectory.

More importantly, a relationship can only be that one special thing when both are wholeheartedly invested in helping each other attain the vision of their best selves, not for each other’s sake but for their unique purposes.

With the benefit of hindsight….

My uncle, Barrister B.A Adeyemi share this wisdom with me in my university days, “In a bid to diversify our efforts, we diffuse our energy.” and the older i grow, the more i validate his wisdom.

Reflecting on your own experience, you will realize that not all of the things, people, projects, opportunities etc you have invested your energy in gave you equal returns or furthered your destiny. Some you wish you had prioritized, trivialized or didnt pay attention to at all.

But that’s life, the past is only a reference point not a destination. We are all learning to be wiser and make better informed decisions and mistakes are part of the process.

Going forward I desire that you have the foresight as George Matthew Adams observed, “It’s marvelous the change that comes when a man gets together all his forces and centers them upon the doing of one thing at a time.”

And may you have the fortitude to do one thing at a time, love one person deeply, kill that one bad habit, cultivate that one pivotal habit, ……and whatever your one thing maybe.


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