About Layi Adeyemi


Layi is a consummate speaker, author, trainer, management consultant and peak performance coach. My mission through this blog is to help you achieve a life of peak performance and contribution.

I will be achieving my mission by sharing ideas and strategies that will challenge my readers to a new level of thinking and living , with the result that people will experience personal transformation and productivity in critical areas of their lives. I strongly believe that people can only maximize their existence when they achieve holistic peak performance and make a contribution (become an asset), first to themselves, next, to those around them and then the world.

I’m a diligent student of life with a relentless dedication to the pursuit of truth, peace and transformation in the areas of human potential activation, productivity, career growth, business, finance, relationships, communication, leadership, social transformation and spiritual growth.

As a management consultant, I help various SMEs realize their full potential, through proper situation analysis and strategy formulation for the development of their human capital and for achieving business growth.  In this capacity, I have worked with clients in several industries ranging from technical services, transportation, telecoms, real estate, construction, hospitality, amongst others.



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